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Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Get the Body of a Pole Dancer - Part 2: Legs and Hips

Welcome back to our second installment of How To Get the Body of a Pole Dancer!  Our previous blog touched on how to get the arms and abs of a pole dancer, without the pole. Today, we'll look at how to get the oft envied perfect lower body.  Pole dancing is a total body workout and we're always happy to have new students come through our doors, but if you aren't lucky enough to live near Miss Fit Academy  you can still achieve bodily greatness with these exercises.

Prepare for a booty so round that it would bring a tear to Sir Mix A Lot's eye! With your feet hip distance apart, bend at the knees like you're sitting in a chair.  Don't allow the knees to come together or to flop out. Repeat several million times until baby got back.
leg squats

Pro tip: Try to prevent your back from arching. Put the pressure on that bottom-of-your-butt-top-of-your-thighs area.

Pony ride 
Begin sitting back on your heels.  Lift up until you are kneeling on both knees and lean your upper body back squeezing your gluteus together. Break at the hips when you can no longer hold the pose and roll back up on your knees.  Repeat.

Pro tip:  The body of a pole dancer doesn't come easy and this exercise is deceptively hard.  Your quads will be screaming at you if you over exert them too quickly. Begin with ten at the most.  You won't feel the burn until the next day, but you'll thank me for the word of caution.

Leg pumps
Way back in the dark ages of the 1980's, Jane Fonda was on to something.  Lay on one side with your head resting on your hand.  Bring your leg to a 90 degree angle and slowly, slowly SLOWLY bring it down in front of your belly button.  Circle the size of a grapefruit 10 times in one direction and 10 times in the opposite direction, adding 5 every other day in each direction until you're up to 30.  To end the exercise, super slowly peel the leg back up to point the toes toward the ceiling.  You are invited to curse our name as you furiously rub the length of your burning leg that will soon look toned and fit!  Repeat on the other side.
Leg pumps
Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda, but just LOOK at those legs!
Pro tip: Raise the top leg and pull towards your head, keeping the leg straight for a quick stretch that will keep your muscles looking lithe and long.  

Awkward Airplane
From your hands and knees, reach out with your left hand as you extend your right leg back.  Bring the left arm out 90 degrees from the shoulder and do the same with the right leg from the hip.  Hold for 10 seconds and bring back to the middle before lowering. Repeat 5 times with each leg adding +5 seconds every other day until you can hold awkward airplane for a full 30 seconds at a time.
Awkward Airplane
This, but with less helicopter.
Pro tip: Reach and stretch from your fingertips to your toes before extending the arm and leg out.  That extension ensures you're in the right position through the ball and socket joints of the shoulder and hips.

Side leg raise
Stand with feet hip-width apart with fingertips on hip bones.  Straighten and raise one leg to the side in three full counts, hold for one, and lower in three more, using a wall or chair for balance if necessary. Fight the urge to swing the leg out with any momentum as this will only delay your hipalicious results. Repeat 15 times with each leg.
Leg Raise

Pro tip: Keep the inner thigh parallel to the floor and really feel the burn as you raise your leg.

Hip Raise
Lie in supine with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift hips off the floor and extend one leg, pointing your toes at a 45 degree angle. Move your raised foot 2-3 feet away from the mid line of your body, squeezing the outer hip. Return to center before lowering. Repeat 10 times before switching sides.
Hip Raise

Pro tip: Hold your foot out from your body for one count and work your way up to three counts at a time.

-written by JLK

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