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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pole Dancer Answers: What Kind of Pole Should I Buy?

Looking to buy a dance pole?  Not sure where to start? We have years of experience at our fingertips all for the benefit of helping our students choose the right pole from all the choices out there! For starters, WHATEVER YOU DO don't go out to the mall and pick up a pole at Spencer's or Hot Topic. And forget you ever heard the name Carmen Electra. These poles are for balance only.  The first time you put any weight on such cheap poles, the world will come crashing down around your face. You're better off swinging around a stop sign than one of these babies.  We can't fathom why someone would even want one.  Surely they'll cost you money on your Homeowners insurance.  The liability alone is enough to make us light headed. There are three companies out there for which we can vouch, none of whom are affiliated with Miss Fit Academy.  You won't end up on Youtube spinning to your death if you follow the installation guidelines and always abide by their instructions.

Pick a Brand
  • X Pole X pole is known for its versatility. X Pole Xpert poles come in pieces that fit together and a tension mounted disk holds it all in place.  No drilling, completely removable, and easily transported.  However, you could probably get your degree in Engineering by the time all is said and done.  The instruction booklet is a book.  
  • Platinum Stages This brand is the right choice for you if you're looking for a permanent pole to put up and never have to futz with again. Also, this company makes the best freestanding poles out there, although X Pole will get the job done, too.  You will need to know your exact ceiling height down to 1/8" and anything over 94 inches will cost extra. Our studio hosts Platinum Stages poles.  Also, GLOW POLES!
  • Lil Minx Lil Minx poles are one solid piece with only one screw required. A Lil Minx pole is by far easier than an Xpert to take down and put up once it's been adjusted to your ceiling height.  It's held in place by what looks like a sprinkler head that comes with a handy dandy plant hook in case you ever find that you want to camouflage it.  This pole is great if you're on a budget (and who isn't) but be aware that the stability falters a bit above 8 feet. Lil Minx is the only company out there to offer powder coated poles.
Pick a Type

  • Permanent A forever pole will require several screws in a stud in your ceiling and a few in your floor, as well. Permanent poles will usually hold more weight but will obviously leave marks if taken down.
  • Removable Friction mounted moveable poles also require a stud, but no drilling and won't leave a mark when taken down or moved.  Many dancers opt for this kind of pole for the convenience and portability.  
  • Free standing  A wide, usually round base holds the pole in place.  It's easily transportable but can be bulky to store. Also, the height is often limited to around 8 or 9 feet.

*All poles will be either static or spinning.  Every pole that spins will also lock to static mode, but not every static pole will spin.  It's easier to transition from learning on a static pole to a spinning pole than vice versa.  It's always nice to have the option, but you will probably pay for it.

Pick a Finish

  • Stainless Steel Stainless steel is the industry standard found in pole dance studios around the world.  Offering the least grip, this will force you to build more strength to hold onto the pole.  It also has the added benefit of making things extra easy when you try one of the other stickier finishes. Don't buy stainless steel if you live on an island or near the beach as the salt air will eventually eat into the finish.
  • Powder Coated  Powder coated poles offer a grip similar to stainless steel and chrome, but will hold up better in extreme environments such as high humidity, salt air, or excessive sunlight.  Powder coating is durable and less likely to become nicked or scratched and doesn't need to be warmed up like other poles.  As such, sweaty handed dancers will probably fare better on a powder coated pole. Also, powder coated poles come in a rainbow of colors!
  • Chrome Although a more porous material, chrome and stainless steel are basically interchangeable, although some say the grip on a chrome finish is a bit better.
  • Brass  In terms of grip brass falls somewhere between chrome and titanium gold.  Upkeep on a brass pole requires a step beyond the occasional rubbing alcohol rub down.  An application of Brasso once or twice a month will keep it shiny and functional.  Also, Brass is likely to be harder on your skin as this finish heats up slightly with enough friction, but certainly not enough to stop millions of dancers from opting for it!
  • Titanium Gold  It's fancy.  It's sticky.  It's gold.  Buy it if you can afford it.

Pick a Size

  • 40mm (1.5 inches) Obviously, a smaller diameter is great for smaller hands.  The downside is that most professional studios host 45s or 50s which may be hard to get used to.
  • 45mm (1.75 inches) 45mm can be found in many studios these days.  It's the standard competition width and it's quickly being adopted as the standard the world over.
  • 50mm (2 inches) The original pole size and also found in a good number of studios out there.  Any pole made before 2009 will be 50mm.

Happy hunting and feel free to ask us any questions before making your final purchase!

-written by JLK

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Great Ways to Celebrate A Nashville Labor Day

Labor day proper is celebrated on September 1st, but the weekend itself is a big deal because it's the last three day weekend of the summer, and Miss Fit Academy is always looking for an excuse to celebrate! If you're also not one to miss an excuse to have some fun, here are some great ways to kick up your heels around our great city of Nashville:

Shakespeare in the Park
For over 20 years, "Shakespeare in the Park" has been hosted by the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. The classic As You Like It runs from the middle of August through Labor Day.  During those few weeks, all of Nashville's theater buffs doth turnith out to revel in thine works of stages most illustrious librettist. The superlative dramaturgist extraordinaire. The Globes most preeminent word-smith. The Original Gangsta' of Entertainment; William Shakespeare.  This event takeith place Thursday-Sunday evenings and includes a special Labor Day performance.

Have a Picnic
I mean...
Nashville is home to some beautiful parks that provide a perfect backdrop for some outdoor nomming while the weather is still amenable.   If you're feeling earthy, venture a little further outside city limits to any of the numerous state parks that Tennessee has to offer, and enjoy the natural beauty that springs up all around us.  It's really gorgeous out there... but don't forget to bring some fried chicken, because nothing is more beautiful than fried chicken.  Maybe a jug of sweet tea, some watermelon, potato salad, ham and cheese sandwiches, and fresh cut veggies all on a paper Dixie plate with your friends and family, and you can consider your life damn near complete.

Host a Party No One Will Ever Forget
More of an indoor person?  If the thought of sitting so close to nature makes you itch then you might need Miss Fit Academy.  Sheltered amongst bright purple walls and glittery chandeliers, your inner diva will honor the past, present, and future workers of America through DANCE!  But not just any dance.  Our professionally trained instructors will teach you the art of pole acrobatics, areal spinning, line dancing, or a sultry chair routine.  Top it of with a champagne toast and you've got yourself a shindig that your friends will beg you to make an annual tradition for years to come.

Shop Sales
You don't even have to leave your house these days to get a good deal on literally anything your heart desires.  The internet is open for business and rarely is it as busy as Labor day. Overstock is advertising 10%-45% off big ticket items like furniture, Best Buy boasts lap tops starting at $299, Amazon.com shows sales on truly everything in existence.  Need an ethernet cable for a penny?  Look no further! Do you find that the only place you have to store your bicycle is on the back of a door?  They have a thing for that too! If brick and mortar stores are more your tactile preference, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and every car dealership in the country is at your beck and call.  Happy shopping, Labor Day Warriors!

Barbecue Fun

What better way to bid goodbye to summer than to host a barbecue.  Use up the last of your propane and summer ale because summer is waning, people.  Bid it goodbye properly- with hot dogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob and corn hole.  Break out your favorite tacky grilling apron and go to town.

-written by JLK

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cattiest Cats on the Internet

Cattiness is never appreciated in life.  As an aerial studio that caters mostly to women, cattiness is just not allowed.  The patrons of Miss Fit Academy stick together and are supportive of one another in a non-judgmental and fun environment.  It's important to empower our sisters as we teach many feline-like moves on the hoop, pole, silks, chair and the floor. These cats apparently didn't get the memo. 

The internet can be a very catty place, and these kitties elevate such cattiness to an art form.

#5. Toilet Paper Kitty
This cat is the only one allowed to be pissed.
Maybe this cat's owners forgot to feed him.  Maybe they didn't love him on command.  Maybe the red dot finally got to him; we'll never know.  All we know for sure is that this kitty is pissed and his rage came out in the form of toilet paper carnage.  Look at the mess! Kitty don't even care. He's only the start on our count down of the cattiest cats of the internet and thus the LEAST hateful… and that's saying something because toilet paper is hella' expensive these days.

#4. Not A Star Wars Fan Kitten
who doesn't like yoda?
Burn me you have.
     Ooooooh, what a mean little thing! We'd like to know the exchange that lead up to this devastating zinger.  Was it like when little humans fight?  Did someone call somebody else a 'doodyhead'?  Even if this baby's litter mate doesn't appreciate the shape of his head, I think I speak for the internet when I say WE LOVE YOUR WEIRDLY SHAPED NOGGIN, LITTLE DUDE! Sibling rivalry is hard, man. Surely this kitten had no trouble finding a home… even if he does look an awful lot like Stewie Griffin.

#3. This Jerk
Cat toilet
You vomits, I sits. 
     What. A. Jerk.  This poor girl has obviously been through something awful or awesome, it's hard to tell.  Leave it to a cat to add insult to injury. Our precious fur babies love us on their terms and apparently disapprove of us on their terms as well.  If you're not feeding them then you're furniture; warm furniture that they will lounge upon as they see fit.

#2. Princess Priscilla 
Fluff Cat
     Oh, LAWD that look could freeze lava. Icicle daggers just shooting out all over the place.  Somebody forget to brush you, Priscilla?  Do you find your slaves wanting?  Human beings just not cat-like enough to earn your respect? Seriously, kitty.  You look like the villain in a mediocre summer blockbuster where two kids have to save the world from an evil feline who's trying to brainwash all of humanity into draining the oceans because, water.  Just a bad, bad cat.

#1. Grumpy Cat
grumpy cat
I had fun once.  It was awful.
     Which brings us to the number one spot on our countdown.  The infamous Grumpy Cat.  While Priscilla, Queen of the Hairballs, looks like the cat version of a bond villain, Grumpy Cat is known the world over for her catty attitude.  It's to the point where you can't lurk around on the internet anymore without running into her mean mug just wishing ill upon us all.  Grumpy Cat is even a film star and is reportedly worth $80 million dollars. She's the most famous cat in the world because she's so aggressively grumpy that we want to talk baby talk at her annoyed expression while she tries feebly to consume our soul.  She hates us all, but it's so damn cute I almost want to give her my soul just because she tries so hard.

Come fly with us at Miss Fit Academy and leave the catty cat-centeric cyberspace at home.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nashville Girls Weekend Hot Spots

Your typical touristy destinations in Nashville include The Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Ryman auditorium to name a few. Bless their hearts, it's all so country!  Not all of Nashville's treasures are hidden, and the old school gems are not to be missed, but Nashville has become a hipster mecca in recent years attracting record numbers of visitors.  It's small enough to escape that big city vibe but large enough to find just about anything your heart desires.  If you want an insiders take on a girls weekend in the Music City, do NOT miss these:

Miss Fit Academy 

Pole dancing in NashvilleSpin.  Strut.  Twerk.  Swing.  Gyrate. Wigglewigglewiggle.  If those verbs sound like fun then Miss Fit Academy is the place for you!! MFA hosts pole dancing, exotic chair dance, coyote cabaret, and aerial hoop parties. Be prepared to step to some exciting yet simple dances, laugh a lot, get to know your girls better than you ever thought possible, and maybe even learn something you can take home to your special someone! Regardless of whether you choose to fly, slink, spin or YEEEEHAW with us, this is easily the most fun you could possibly have with your girlfriends!

The Escape Game 
escape game
This unassuming building is hiding something AWESOME!
Like games? Do you go red in the face at the mere mention of Zelda's infamous Water Temple? Then look no further for your go-to awesome Nashville adventure.  Use your ingenuity and inspired team work to escape from one of several rooms using only the clues provided.  Together, you and your girlfriends will solve the puzzle and find your way out in an allotted amount of time.  Pick a room; "The Heist", "Nashville Escape", or "Underground Playground"  and follow your brain to greatness! This unique bonding experience is totally worth the price at $27 dollars per person.

Take A Tour
Nashville is quickly becoming a hopping tourist destination and guided tours are sprouting up all over to provide for the masses.  Our favorites are the Music City PubCrawl- a $15, 2 hour walking tour that frequents some of   
pedal tavern
Par-TAY comin' through
downtown Nashville's hippest watering holes, and Nashville Pedal Tavern- a 2.5 hour, people-powered bar on wheels that takes your party on one of several routes around the city.  Private tours on the Nashville Pedal Tavern will run you about $300.

Trivia Nights
Trivia nights are a super popular free activity around our city these days.  The games are a great way to use your collective useless knowledge to win prizes. These games are often held in bars and we all know alcohol makes us experts in everything, or at least not care if we get the question wrong! So put away your cell phone, pick your night, and enjoy!

Sundays-     Riverfront Tavern- 8:00pm 
                   Kay Bobs- 8:00pm 
Mondays –   Drifters- 8:00pm
                   Mellow Mushroom- 8:00pm
                   Sam's Sports Bar (Hillsboro)- 8:00pm
Tuesdays –   Flying Saucer (21+) – 7:30pm & 9:30pm,
                    Crows Nest- 8:00pm
Wednesday – Sam’s Sports Bar (Hillsboro) – 8:00pm
                    The Beer Sellar- 8:00pm
Thursdays –  Jackalope (21+)- 8:00pm
                    3 Crow Bar- 8:00pm

Bluebird Cafe
blue bird cafeOn Mondays' open mike night, you never know who will get up on stage at the Bluebird Cafe.  In a city filled with musicians, you could easily run into anyone from Vince Gill to Jack White to Justin Timberlake (a recent Nashville resident).  The Foo Fighters' Dave Ghrol is known to just show up from time-to-time! Nashville is famous for spawning artists such as The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Paramore, and Megan Trainor so "unsigned night" at The Bluebird is no joke.  The Bluebird Cafe has live music every other night and reservations can be made online.

*Honorable mention*
Just all of it. Nashville has some of the best food in the South.  From down-home cheese grits to fusion food fit for fancy frivolity. Everybody has to eat, and even if these aren't attractions per se, they still should not be missed. 
The Pancake Pantry (Prepare to wait in line and be happy about it.)
400 degrees (Fried chicken sooooo good it might make Colonel Sanders retire in shame.)
Tin Angel (Never had fried green tomatoes??  You're welcome.)
Rose Pepper Cantina (Upscale mexican food and festive margarita mecca)
Loveless Cafe (Best biscuits you've ever had)
The Silly Goose (Farm-to-table goodness)

- written by JLK

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bachelorette Party Penis Cakes: The Art of the Inappropriate Masterpiece

Anybody can write "Here cums the bride" or "To have and to hold" or even (our personal favorite) "Wishing you lots of hapPENIS" on a phallic cake.  It takes someone truly skilled to take the distasteful fun up a notch!  Miss Fit Academy sees many brides-to-be dance through their doors so, for all of the bachelorettes out there, here are some of our very favorite sweet and naughty concoctions:

The Pop Out
The Pop Out Penis Cake
Just friendly little Richard popping out to say "Hello!"  It's hard not to be happy about those pink boxer shorts and the welcoming, goofy grin. The enthusiastic wave is charming and whimsical and what we imagine a penis would be doing if it had hands. This cake is just adorable and sure to put a smile on your bachelorette party guests faces.

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred
Let's reassemble some dignity after that last cake, shall we?  While not technically a "penis" cake, this tasteful three tiered delicacy still gets the point across. The butterflies escorting the little swimmers gives it a classy, feminine feel. This one transcends the bachelorette party genre and might even be appropriate for a baby shower!

Leftover Penis Cake Pan?

Penis Cake Pan Ideas
At the end of the day, you can always bake your own penis cake.  But a penis cake pan is no one hit wonder. Above are some great alternative cakes that can be made with a little imagination.  Other ideas include a spaceship, a light house, maybe a christmas tree, the Washington Monument, and even a balloon bouquet

penis cake

Scrotum+ Coconut <:D Good night everybody!

-written by JLK