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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pole Dancing Apps - Pole Dancing at your fingertips!

Ever wonder how to become a better pole dancer? Or, maybe you want to learn some new moves but not sure where to start?

Well, if you are not inside a classroom with one of our amazing instructors, try some of these smart phone apps!
iphone pole app
Pocket Pole Studio is one of the highest rated Pole apps you can get! The full version is $6.99 (iTunes & Android), and a “streaming” online version for $1.99 but there is also a lite version so you can get a glimpse of how it works! This app is based out of the UK, and my-oh-my do they love pole dancing! So you know this app is good!

Pocket Pole Studio has lots of great features! You can find every move and watch them on videos that show you how! They also have an online store for some great pole wear!
iphone pole dance
Pole Dancer Pro is another great app available on iTunes. The full version is FREE (my favorite word)! Every move is shown by playing a video with step-by-step instructions. It's great for those who tend to miss a step or somehow mess up since it shows the moves so clearly!
Diva fit iphone dance
One more that I have found very helpful is the DivaFit (iTunes). It is $4.99 and they also offer a “lite” version. This app offers a lot of great videos for spins, combos, tricks, transitions, and even stretches. You can even chose your level and check off moves you've learned so you can master them all!
Flirty fit iphone dance
Maybe you need a little help with your sexy chair dancing skills? Well, there is an app for that! Try out FlirtyFit. It is only $1.99! They also have a “lite” version, but don't be cheap! Just buy the full version because you only get two exercises and two moves in the “lite” version!

This app is great if you can't make it to Urban Studios chair dancing classes! It shows you a bunch of different moves and even shows you exercises to be all loosey goosey for all those great moves!

No matter what you use to find new moves, make sure you still come to our classes to make sure you have a certified instructor making sure your moves are correct so you won't have an injury!
Happy Pole Dancing!

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