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Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Things All Pole Dancers Understand

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1.Rubbing Alcohol is the nectar of the gods

Without it we would all just be scrambling up greasy poles. All pole dancers should buy stock in rubbing alcohol as we could solitarily keep the demand up for it, although glass cleaner or vodka works in a pinch

2. Lotion?!?! How dare you suggest it that must not be worn!! ::hissssss::

lotion before pole

PSA: How long has it been since you moistened your skin, girlfriend? Shaving cream works well to put moisture back into skin and wont make you slick on the pole. On the contrary, it works much like grip aid but without the streaky marks or dry hands.

3. Those Perfect Clothes

Booty shorts

You know the ones. They cover all your business and stay in place. The opposite of a unicorn, but still just as rare. Pole dancers need all the skin we can get, yet we also enjoy having our butts covered in public.

4. Pole Kisses

The love/hate you feel for these trophies is complicated. Arnica gel and cold compresses help, but pole dancers take these love pinches in stride because WE EARNED THEM. Bruises mean that a dancer is still pushing to be better and learn new holds, simultaneously rejecting the idea that women should be pretty and smooth and flawless to be attractive. :P Societal norms are so lol

5. Oh, right. I'm not wearing pants...

We can't be the only ones who have needed to run a quick errand on the way home from our pole homes and realized suddenly that hot pants aren't civilian dress code. So what if it's cold in the grocery store- we have other things we'd rather be doing sans pants, anyway :D

- written by JLK

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