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Monday, August 19, 2013

Nashville bar-top dancing and bar pole dancing

One of the most common questions we hear at our dance parties is... where can we show off our new moves?

We were more than happy to research this question! This is what we came up with...

Throwdown Saloon - NOW CLOSED
128 2nd Ave North, Nashville, Tennessee 37201
Three venues in one place. Live music in the front, Liquid Nightclub in the center dance floor, and a covered patio area that looks out over 1st Ave., the river and LP Field.
This venue has FOUR dance poles (aka pipes):
Pole # 1 is located at the entrance, which they wouldn't let us dance on. Boo! Maybe they just didn't want anyone to show up the door girls ;)
Pole # 2 & #3 are located on the bar top. They were pretty stable. Just be sure not to kick anyone in the face!
Pole #4 is on a small square platform on the dance floor. This is the most popular pole. Later in the evening (1 am - 2 am), it becomes more of a prop for girls to hold onto while they pop their rump shakers.
Throwdown Saloon Nashville

Group of gals bar-top dancing

poles at Throwdown Saloon

On to the next one! We crossed the street and wandered into the next loud beat thumping bar and discovered...

Bar One 50 One - NOW CLOSED
131 2nd Ave North, Nashville, Tennessee 37201
This venue has several levels. Like good researchers, we had to have a few drinks to truly experience this scene. Due to this we cannot remember how many levels this bar actually has, but if I had to guess, I would say about three or maybe four?

The first floor is perfect for bar dancing. If you had a Coyote Bar Dance Party at Miss Fit Academy and are interested in showing off your moves, this is a good choice. There is even a railing you can hold onto in case you had one too many lemon drop shots or decided to wear your slightly-difficult-to-walk-in six inch stilettos.

Bar dancing in Nashville

Bar-top dancing in Nashville

When you go up the stairs, you will find another bar sporting a different beat. Don't let the cages scare you away - this bar was actually much more tame than the wild honky tonk downstairs. Walk toward the windows and you will discover a dance pole (aka pipe) on the bar. It is a little short, but works well for dancing.

 Bar-top pole dancing

Dancing on that pole

So much fun on the poles

Now we're ready for more dancing so we're walking up 2nd Avenue and turning onto Commerce Street. This is where we found...

Wild Beaver Saloon

212 Commerce Street, Nashville, TN 37201

This bar is slightly nicer and cleaner than most Nashville bars because it is somewhat newer. Everything is made of wood and smells like cedar. Bar dancing is also highly encouraged. They also have a riding bull, which is a big hit for bachelorette parties and tourists.
Wild Beaver bar dancing

Bar-top dancing at Wild Beaver

Be sure to get your dance lessons in before hopping on those poles & bars! Visit us at Miss Fit Academy!

Dance at your own risk. MFA is not responsible for injuries, damage or embarrassment from attempting that cool trick that your instructor did in class :)

UPDATE - May, 2014
Throwdown Saloon and Bar One Fifty One have closed permanently.

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  1. I love all of the comments and the reserchis highly appreciated!I am totally looking forward to getting some girls tigether to try these places out