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Thursday, January 6, 2011

All About Poles

Which pole should I get?

How much do they cost?

Where should I buy it?

We get asked these questions a lot! Below are recommendations/comments from my personal experience with three different types of poles.

Permanent, Removable or Standalone?

The very first thing to consider is price. A decent, new pole should cost at least $199. I don't recommend buying anything cheaper than this. This is because you will ultimately get what you pay for. Since your safety could in jeopardy it's best to buy a quality made pole. If you do decide to get a cheap pole, say from Spencer's, it will be fine as long as you do not put your body weight on it (like spinning or inverting).

The next most important thing to consider is whether you want a removable or permanent pole. Permanent poles tend to be cheaper and safer, but they are difficult to install and conceal when you have company over. Do you really want your father-in-law picturing you on a pole? If that doesn't bother you then permanent poles are great. They are also the most sturdy. Removable poles cost more but they can be removed when necessary. Removable poles can also come apart into multiple pieces for easy storage and mobility. The pole height is also adjustable, which is nice if you move around or want to take the pole to a friend's house.

A few things to consider when setting up your pole:

  • You will need a stud-finder. All poles should be set up under a stud in the ceiling.
  • It is best to have a wood, concrete, laminate, etc floor. Carpet can cause a pole to slide around.
  • Poles are very heavy. Even the removable poles are heavy. I recommend a strong man to install your pole. He will need a ladder, heavy duty screw driver, a level and possibly a wrench. Don't settle for a wimpy man because poles CAN fall. Remember all of those blooper videos on YouTube? We don't want that to be you.
  • If you have a tall, low, drop or angled ceiling, don't fret. You can still get the pole of your dreams. Most poles can be customized to your ceiling height and attachments are available for angled ceilings. If you have a drop ceiling, you could remove a tile. It doesn't always look pretty though. You could possibly put a hole in the tile and put the pole through the hold to make it look better.
If the above is too much to think about, there is a pole for you. The standalone pole!

Standalone poles are the most expensive, but you don't have to worry about ceiling height, damaging the ceiling or floor, or a handy man, etc. Standalone poles are composed of a heavy base or stage and a pole in the middle. Some of them can be set up in just 15 minutes, such as the Star Standalone pole from Platinum Stages. They feel the least sturdy of the three - you may hear squeaking and feel the pole sway as you swing around it, but they appear to be quite safe. You can also use them practically anywhere - imagine pole dancing on the beach or in your backyard!

Another option to consider is material. You can get all different types of colors, metal, etc. The most popular and easiest to maintain is stainless steel. Brass poles are known for having better gripping ability but require more maintenance. You can even get a glowing pole. Whatever suits your fancy!

A few extra tidbits:
  • All poles have a weight limit. Pay attention to the limit, especially if you have friends using your pole.
  • Poles may occasionally need tightening due to use, room temperature, humidity, etc. This is usually not a difficult task and can be done with a screwdriver.
  • Don't forget to stretch adequately before using your pole
  • Pole dance responsibly! Drinking and poling don't mix and can lead to some serious bruising or injuries.

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