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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grip aids for pole dancing

With so many unpredictable factors in pole dance such as body chemistry, humidity, and temperature grip aids are a necessity for pole dancers.  I try to steer clear of using grip in practice to allow my muscles to properly develop support naturally, but there are times grip is appropriate and even necessary.  I use grip when trying a difficult trick for the first time, performing in a show, or supporting a partner for multi-person tricks.  Over the years I’ve tried several types of grip-aid and will review the brands I’ve personally used.

Dew Point Pole
DEW POINT made for pole dancers

I find I stick to the pole best when I’m slightly warm and slightly sweaty.  This “dewy” sweatiness is what Dew Point creates.  It’s a thick clear liquid to be applied where needed.  It makes your skin a little moist and slightly sticky.  This grip did not work for me personally because I create my own sweat and it actually made things worse.  However, I have a couple of dancers who couldn’t stick well because they had such dry skin, and this is their favorite product.

 Best used:  For people with dry skin

Dry Hands Grip
DRY HANDS made for sports and weight lifting

I see this product used most often.  It helps to dry up your sweat, even repelling water, and comes in a liquid form that turns powdery.  It leaves you with a slight white residue where applied and is a light grip aid.  Many people often use it as a base for other types of grip as well.  I use it to help during times when I’m not doing many demanding pole tricks and it tends to wear off quickly for me.  I have a lot of students that favor this product.

Best used:  For light sweating and a base for other grip aids

iTac2 pole grip
iTAC2 made for sports and pole dancing

This is a much stronger grip that is very sticky and good for strength holds.  They come in a more solid crème form.  The stick is great for strength holds and partnering, but bad for static spins or many transition moves.  It’s so effectively sticky that when I transition it pulls at my skin and tends to result in bad bruising where I normally don’t.  When it builds up on a pole and you get sweaty it can cause slipping and catching.  This is my least favorite grip, but it is very sticky and favored for intense pole work.

Best used:  On spinning pole

Prince Tennis Grip
PRINCE GRIP made for tennis

This is a tennis grip, but is my favorite to use on the pole.  It comes in a thicker gel form and will leave a white powdery residue on your skin.  The white residue is a downside, but it has a nice balance of stickiness.  It’s not too sticky to prevent you from doing static spins or transitions, but sticky enough to assist you in strength moves or if you’ve become too sweaty.  It will last through a performance, and a little goes a long way.

Best used:  For moderate sweaters on spinning or static pole

-  written by JAG

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