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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

Bachelorette Party
As always, Miss Fit Academy adores bachelorettes. Nobody parties quite like we do! We pride ourselves on hosting the best bachelorette parties in Nashville. After all, it's difficult NOT to have a blast when dancing! 

Even if you don't choose to come fly with us during your special-night-before-your-special-day, there's still plenty of fun and tipsy ways to kick it with your girls. Here are some of the best bachelorette party drinking games and the best drinks to go with them:

I Never
Goes best with: Champagne

The script goes like this:
One person says "I never ____" and everyone who HAS done what that person just said, drinks. Doesn't that sound like THE most fun thing?  The more tipsy everyone gets, the more interesting the topics get. You may learn a thing or two that you never knew about your long-time friends. And it's a great excuse to admit that truly unspeakable thing you did in college. Tipsy story-telling is the best!

Drink or Dare
Goes best with: Cosmopolitans or shots of any kind

You're not allowed to call yourself a grown up if you've never played truth or dare. But this classic game has a twist that we think Madonna would sanction. The bride-to-be gives the maid of honor an ultimatum to accept her dare or take a shot.  If she chooses the dare, but then the dare is refused, she has to drink double.  However, revenge is sweet because then it's her turn to assign a dare, and so on... until you're all mildly humiliated. What a great bonding experience!

Roll the Dice
Goes best with: Long Island Iced Tea

Invest in some bachelorette-party-tailored drinking dice!  These have combinations like "Imitate Toast", "Brunettes only" and "Rollers choice" and are sure to perk up a lagging party.  It's easy and only takes a second to break these babies out. One minute you're all sitting quietly, the next thing you know, all the blondes in the room are having a handstand contest and anyone over 5'4 is required to take a shot.

Over Sized Inflatable Penises
Goes best with: Mai Tais

We here at Miss Fit Academy love an Over-sized Inflatable Penis. The fun is too ridiculous to end with these things.  You can even get a couple of rings to go with your magnum strap on and play ring toss! Everyone who rings the schlong drinks and the person wearing it drinks double. Get two and have penile jousting. Pass it between your knees in a circle for a modified musical chairs.  Take it with you to a bar and BOOM - instant conversation starter! The possibilities are endless.

Happy partying!

- written by JLK

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