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Thursday, December 4, 2014

So You've Been Invited to a Pole Dance Party...

Let Miss Fit Academy be the first to say that YOU'RE GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN! We've found over the years that women usually have one of two reactions upon being invited to a pole dance party:

1) Glee.  That sounds awesome!
2) Not so much glee. They want me to what now?

We know some women have a third response (No.) but those women don't end up at pole parties and we haven't met them.  This isn't for them.  This is for YOU!  If you're lucky enough to be coming to a party at Miss Fit Academy you'll be treated to an amazing space with high ceilings, a world class sound system, mood lighting like a professional club, and one woman who is your guide to swinging on the gleaming silver columns around the room.

We can't speak to the specs of our sister studios, but we imagine that guide (or sometimes guides) will be the same breed of certifiably prodigious bad ass.  But rest assured they're also trained professionals who understand that you're not at a there to master pole dancer or get in a good workout.  That's not to say you won't work out, though. You won't be doing crunches, but you'll be working the same muscles.  You just won't know you're working out because it's super fun!  Bear this in mind when you choose an outfit.

Crazy Outfit
Like this?

The above outfit is a perfectly fine (dare we say damn near perfect) thing to wear to a party.  Except the metal...  It's actually best to wear something comfortable.  A tank top is fine. A turtleneck is probably not best. Take your pick of pants or shorts.  Your footwear will be relegated to heels or bare feet once your shindig begins. Wigs, necklaces, earrings, headdresses, bustles, bindies, boas, novelty springy-penis headbands, hats and leg warmers are all welcome at your party. However, be prepared to remove your rings, watches, and bracelets before anyone touches a pole. Wedding rings too? Yep! Wedding rings too.  Anything metal that touches a pole will gouge the finish and leave it jagged for the next student. Miss Fit Academy is able to tape up any rings that can't be removed, but contact your host studio before hand if you're worried about such a policy.

     Most studios will have you sign a waiver saying you won't sue them if you go rouge and decide that you're a professional Chinese Acrobat for the night.  Also, most studios will put the kibosh on your fun if you teeter in the doors a little too drunkity drunk drunk.  Bring bottled water if you would like but  if it needs to be dyed a different color so everybody knows it's NOT water then please leave it at home.  It shouldn't even have to be said that illegal activities or contraband are not welcome at your party. Lastly, as always, if you're pregnant or injured please check with your doctor before partaking in the festivities.


- written by JLK

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