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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Perfect Places to Host an Amazing Bachelorette Party

Our favorite color is purple.  Maybe you like blue.  We like CSI.  Maybe you're more of a Law and Order type.  Different strokes for different folks. Some girls bring heels that would make Gene Simmons swoon to a Miss Fit Academy bachelorette party while others are comfortable in bare feet.  We welcome all types, but a dance party in one of the countries best areal boutiques isn't the right fit (or possible) for every bride.  Because we love even the girls that we don't get to meet, we've included a handy list of the best places to host that perfect bachelorette party, no matter what kind of girl it's for!

Call In The Professionals
Nashville Bachelorette Party
But, of course, Miss Fit Academy IS one of the best dance studios in the country. We host thousands of bachelorette parties and have several trained instructors to bring you the best that money can buy. No pressure, no experience or strength required. We play games, we shake our butts, we laugh a lot, sometimes we even eat cupcakes with and pour drinks for our future brides. Everyone has fun at our bachelorette parties.  If you aren't lucky enough to live in or near Nashville, chances are there's an areal studio near you that can host a fun night for your bride to be.

Pub Crawl
Some good ole' fashioned imbibing can constitute a great night out.  The night life is conducive to a bachelorette party that's often wilder and more racy. Don't discount making at least one stop late in your pub-crawl a Karaoke bar, because duh.  You can play Suck for a Buck, where in which people pay the bride $1 to suck a lifesaver sewn to her shirt. You're also more likely to find a tipsy male volunteer to give the bride their underwear, if that's the vibe you're going for.  Of course, nothing is more wholesome then spending the night getting hammered with your girls in different bars.  Salute!

Fancy Hotel
Others, still, aren't cut out for bar hopping or breaking a sweat on the dance floor.  If you're looking for a classy and fun night then renting a hotel suite for the night might just be the answer.  This is a perfect choice if you have out of town guests because a shuttle service is often readily available from the airport and with all the logistics of planning a party, you don't need to add chauffeur to your list of duties. Some places will give you a discount or include special packages to suit your needs.  Lastly, we have two words for why you should consider a hotel for your party: Room service.

Maid of Honor's living room
Sometimes, simple is better.  Ultimately, a bachelorette party is about the bride and her gal pals hanging out and celebrating the impending bliss of marriage.  It doesn't have to be an expensive or elaborate shindig to have a good time.  Why not truly embrace staying in and make it a pajama party! A bachelorette party in someones home is also conducive to Skype if the bride has a special family member who can't be in the proximity of the festivities.

Glamping Destinations
This is the polar opposite of staying in! If a destination party is in your budget, consider "glamping". It's all the glamour of camping and none of the bugs or sleeping on the ground or peeing in the woods. Very little roughing it goes into a glamping bachelorette parties, yet nature can be found everywhere. Companies all over the world offer all kinds of luxurious locations for your bride to choose from. From top-of-the-world tree houses to a tricked out ti-pi, a glamping bachelorette party will set the bar for your circle of friends for decades to come!

Because we love you, here's a site that books a cabana in Ecuador for $30 a night.  That's cheaper than your average roadside motel!
Now that you've picked the perfect location for your get together, visit Jezebel.com for more on how to throw a bachelorette party that doesn't suck.

- written by JLK

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