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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Most Hideous Bridesmaids Dresses in the History of Weddings.

Miss Fit Academy knows that your wedding should be your special day.  All the little details mean the world to you as a bride and you should feel free to dress your bridesmaids however your engaged heart desires.  However, if you still want to remain friends with the ladies of your bridal court you should maybe steer clear of these hideous bridesmaids styles...

Unholy Upholstery 
ugly bridesmaids dresses
photo from Courtney Clift
Bride: "Hmmm.  How can I make sure that nobody looks better than me on my special day?"
Wedding Planner: "You could dress your bridesmaids like moldy floral couches from 1973."
Bride: "That's perfect. Let's also add some floppy Gilligan hats and they can hold a single wilting flower that everybody can match to their shoes and gloves!  SQUEE!"

Tangerine Dream
tacky bridesmaids dresses
From tackyweddings.com
 We're not even gonna touch on all the melanoma in this picture.  Let's focus on the unholy marriage of garishness and orange vomit that is this look. Their fried 1980's New Jersey hair is skunky and tacky, but not even the classiest hairstyle could save the dress.  Hike those fire-boobs up and hold on to your superfluous puffy trains, girls.  There's just no way no one didn't get tangled in that thing. 

Barbie Bridesmaids
photo from thenest.com
For some reason the bride inverted the color on one of three dresses because she's the bride and gets to call the shots and continuity be damned.  Maybe the other lady in white is the maid of honor, who knows. The dresses, over all, aren't that bad until you see the following picture and realize that some grown woman is biting 1980's Barbie style...

1983 Holiday Barbie
1983 Holiday Barbie

my big fat gypsy wedding
photo from TLC
 Ugh.  Soooooo much tulle. So much lime green and sky blue. You think that the bride screamed a little when she saw the finished product but it was too late to do it over? The ball gown grandiosity coupled with the eye strain that is the color makes these some truly horrible bridesmaids dresses.  Also, the bride looks like a pigmentarily-challenged Christmas tree with that goofy star on her head, but that's another blog...

- written by JLK

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