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Sunday, September 27, 2015

How the Moon Affects Dancers

Moon effects
Tonight’s Blood Moon + Super Moon event only happens once every 20 years or so. and you may be feeling the jolt to the moons natural cycle. The moon intensifies the feminine energy, for both men and women, but can also stimulate restlessness- something that a dancer who cannot dance knows well!

The moon is often connected to the feminine side in folklore. But don't chalk that up to old-timey nonsense because science agrees. The 28 day lunar cycle mimics a woman's menstrual cycle . In general,   nerve endings are literally more excitable in response to the energy above us.

We recommend that you dance tonight. Even if you can't see the celestial events above. In fact, Miss Fit Academy recommends that you dance every time there's a full moon. Even a hum-drum run-of-the-mill full moon. Dance for all the moons. Half-moons, quarter-moons, new-moons. Wax and wane with it. Let it move you. Let it literally move you. The moon affects water and pulls the tides, and a super moon like tonight can increase the tidal Earths tidal force up to %18. Since humans like us are 75% water, it's no surprise that we would be moved as well. Also, animals and people the world over are more likely to get it on during the phase of the full moon. Lean into that sensuality and soon a dancer will be moved to move from a deeply emotional place. The place where the best dancing happens.

If you're lucky enough to be with Miss Fit Academy tonight, we hope you'll take advantage of our atmosphere designed to celebrate your feminine side. If not, it's not hard to manufacture your own atmosphere with such a light show going on in the sky. Just go outside, close your eyes, and let your body move. As always, we hope you move from a place of joy!

- written by JLK

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