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Thursday, April 4, 2013

In-home exercises that help you on the pole

Ever wonder what exercise you can do at home that will help your pole skills? We have all the moves you need right here to help you gain strength for inverting, climbing and anything else you may have trouble with on the pole!

The most important thing is a strong core. With a strong mid-section, you can do more things on the pole with a lot less effort. First try five planks (pictured below) in 30 second intervals. This really works your core muscles as well as your shoulder and thigh muscles! Make sure your bum isn't too far up or down, otherwise you will not get the same results. Your body must be properly aligned.

why we plank
Planking works all these muscles! 
Another great core workout is leg-lifts. These are simple enough, but do about ten of them, and you'll start to feel the burn. Just lay on your back, and then lift your legs up and down while your hands are kept at your sides (pictured below). Keep your head and shoulders on the ground. To make this a little easier, hold onto something behind your head, like a couch leg, or something stable that won't fall or tip over. We recommend starting with 5 sets of 20.
Leg lifts
Make sure you go all the way to a 90 degree angle!
Twisting crunches are a pretty intense workout! But, wow, are they great for the belly! It is the same as a basic crunch, but you twist your elbow to the opposite side and hold for five seconds when your abs are contracted, then go back to normal position and do the same on the other side. To make this a little more challenging, have your legs in a table top position and bring the knee in to meet the elbow. We recommend starting with 5 sets of 20 and working your way up!
Twisting Crunches
Make sure you twist at the core and BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE!

Something that is similar to the twisting crunch is a Russian Twist. A Russian twist (pictured below) with your legs bent, your feet can either be placed on the ground to make it easier or twisted at the ankles for a greater challenge. Bend at the waist and twist from one side to the other. Go back to starting position and do it again! I like to hold a medicine ball or a weight to really get a good workout! We recommend starting out with 5 sets of 20 and working your way up!

Twist with Core
Twist with your core!
Another important part of your body to strengthen is your arms! Arm strength will make your pole moves effortless! Well, maybe not effortless, but a hell of a lot easier!

The best thing to do for your arms is push-ups. If you have never heard of or seen a push-up done, get out of the house! The steps are super simple. Start facing down with your arms extended DIRECTLY beneath your shoulders holding yourself up. Bend your elbows to your SIDE and lower your body as CLOSE to the ground as possible without touching it. Extend your elbows back to starting position and raise your body back up. We recommend starting out with 3 sets of 15 and working your way up.
Don't touch the ground!

A one-arm side push up is great for the arms as well! Just sit on your side, put your hand with the shoulder facing the ceiling on the ground and cross your other one across your body (This sounds more complicated than it is, just look at the picture!). Push up with the arm on the ground and bend at the waist. Do 3 sets on each side of 15 and working your way up!

One-arm push-up
She looks so happy doing her one arm side push ups! (Happiness not guaranteed!)

There are many things you can do to help your strength! Ask your class instructor for more in-home exercises to make you stronger! If you have any suggestions, put them in the comments! We love to hear from our readers!

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